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Author POD Coaching with Carolyn Flower

Achieve your writing and publishing goals with "Micro-Group" coaching.

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What is an Author POD?

An Author POD is an acronym for a milestone achievement process of development that will help you efficiently navigate the hundreds of twists and turns along your pathway to publishing and beyond.

Carolyn Flower developed a curriculum that condenses every element along the way into a series of five processes in her signature Pathways to Publishing© 5-Process Author Development Method.

Don’t get lost in a crowd.

What is ‘Micro Group’ Author Coaching?

Weekly Video Conference on Zoom

Join an intimate immersion micro-group of fellow aspiring authors (maximum four), and travel your Pathway to Publishing journey together toward authorship.

You’ll gain the hands-on support and attention your story needs to move through its concept, framework, draft, to a manuscript that is editor-ready.

During each Author POD Micro-Group 4-week or 8-week Coaching Program, you will be guided step-by-step through the relevant Pathways to Publishing© 5-Process Author Development Method to accelerate your results with ease.

Once the process of development you’re enrolled in is complete, you will ahead with ease toward your next level of achievement. The ultimate goal is to guide you so that your book idea and manuscript is developed and poised for edit, design, branding, promotion, publishing and potentially a thriving business beyond your book! Amplify your influence in the marketplace.

The group size ensures your voice is never lost in the crowd and you’ll receive the time and attention you need to successfully complete each process of development. 

Each POD consists of a group of four aspiring or published authors who are at the same level of development in any given process, so everyone benefits from the teaching expertise and guidance as well as from one another.

Here are a few examples of upcoming PODs:

  • Idea Incubator POD. (4 weeks)
  • Manuscript Evolution POD. (4 weeks)
  • Your Author Brand POD. (4 weeks)
  • Author Self-Promotion POD (4 weeks)
  • Business Beyond Your Book POD. (4 weeks)


Idea Incubator POD: You know you have a book (or more) in you, but you just don’t know what that book is…yet. My superpower is helping you discover your signature story. Prepare to call yourself a forthcoming author in this POD.

Manuscript Evolution & Development POD: You have been working on a manuscript, or it’s in a million pieces in files or computer folders. You keep saying “I should have written this book by now”, but yet…. You will have your book framework and content organized in this POD. (non-fiction).

Your Author Brand POD: You’re an author….now what? How do you tell the world more about you, if you are not sure who that is? You will in this POD.

Author Self-Promotion POD: You feel uncomfortable about getting “out there”, but know you must. Learn about the art of self-promotion, which like it or not, every author is responsible for mastering. Press Releases are not just for press anymore. You’ll be ready to self-promote at any time once you’ve completed this POD.

Business Beyond Your Book POD: You’ve written an inspiring book, you have developed the early stages or a media-worthy author brand, but your desire is to inspire and serve others with your words, wisdom and imagination. How do you monetize and build a business that amplifies your influence.  You’ll put all those pieces together in this POD.

If you’re ready to learn how to create, write, develop and publish your book, you’ll benefit from weekly individual accountability coupled with the added power of the mastermind, and accelerate your results with ease, the Author POD Micro-Group Coaching Program is for you.  

You’ll be expertly guided by a professional author success coach, publisher and bestselling author, Carolyn Flower who inspires her author clients around the world to light up their creative imagination. She’s ready to help you too! Gain insights and inspiration to feel empowered and energized to write and publish your book.  

The Author POD Micro-Group 4 week and 8-week Coaching Programs include:

How does it work?

  • 1 hour per week for 4 week or 8 weeks.
  • Zoom Video Conference Platform.
  • Recordings of each POD call.
  • Digital Worksheets
  • Author Success GPS©
  • All-access email account for POD students.
  • Personalized laser coaching.
  • Peer support and discussion.
  • Brainstorm and Mastermind.
  • A full circle process to develop your ideas with weekly accountability and accelerate your results.

Author POD Micro Coaching Programs begin in September 2019

This Micro-Group Author Coaching Program is designed for those who:

  • Want to embrace their next level of success by writing a book, creating a brand, developing both into a business to serve others. 
  • Want to learn the inside secrets of writing and publishing, branding, promoting and creating a platform to build a business beyond your book or develop a book from your current brand. 
  • Want access to hands-on expertise and hit-the-ground-running training to achieve goals and results fast. 
  • Want to let go of all excuses and alibis and actively plan to move forward with achievable goals. 
  • Want answers to questions and solutions to implement today.
  • Want accountability and acceleration to achieve their goals.
  • Want the opportunity to be in the high vibrational energy of difference-makers and like-minded results-driven individuals.
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