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What is a VIP Author LAB?

An Author LAB is uniquely designed to awaken your inner author in one day by examining your ideas to bring your book dream to life. We’ll put your ideas under a microscope so you’ll quickly understand how to GROW forward toward authorship. TURBO CHARGE the creation of your manuscript framework and take a giant leap in this VIP Immersion 1-Day Program?

Growing your book dream in a laser focussed 1-Day Private Coaching Experience in person at the Bloomroom Creativity Studio in Montreal or online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

Manuscript Framework and Book Planning


  • 6 creative hours of discovery, instruction, imagination, information, action and RESULTS GUARANTEED. (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Manuscript brainstorming, clarity and organizing on Google docs.
  • Intuitive discovery, idea incubator, empowerment and goal achievement mindset principles. 
  • Author LAB VIP Digital Workbook (spiral printed copy if in person) for review and application.
  • Author LAB VIP Digital Workbook includes: 

The Digital Workbook Includes

  • What’s Holding You Back
  • Decision by Bob Proctor
  • Author Success GPS 
  • My Mission and Message
  • Framework
  • Senior Editors Notes
  • Writing your As If Life Script
  • Goal Digging Road map
  • Goals – Questions & Answers by Bob Proctor
  • Goal Achievers Daily Action Tracker


  • Determining Mission & Message
  • Discuss and create solid first draft of Table of Contents.
  • Discuss Framework of a Book: Dedication, Foreword, Prologue, Introduction, References, Gratitude. 
  • Copy crafting book premise (back cover copy) and overview.
  • Review of author’s current bio, re-writing and copy crafting long and short versions for interior and exterior of book.
  • Determine working title and subtitle.
  • Review and finalize book title and subtitle. 
  • Register author’s Kindle Direct Publishing account, ISBN, titles, dimensions, and general review of features.
  • Review professional Editing requirements.
  • The Pathways to Publishing 5-Process Author Development Method: Commit, Write, Design, Promote, Publish.
  • Copyright & Disclaimer page.
  • Google Sheet Timeline for author’s pathway to publishing.

BONUS:  (1) 60 minute Zoom web class (or 2 x 30 mins) to answer questions, update progress or execute action items.

Free Consult to Learn More