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The AUTHOR FEST FUNDRAISER celebrates Authors and Publishing while supporting Babies and Families. In my world, birthing books and birthing babies are very closely related. It’s my absolute pleasure to create a fundraising event to shine the light on one, to support the life-changing work of another. Participate in an Innovative and Creative Fundraising Event in support of the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. 100% of proceeds will support the ongoing excellent family care at the Birthing Center of the Lakeshore General Hospital.

Participate in an inspirational, innovative and creative Fundraising Event in support of the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. All proceeds will support the ongoing excellent family care at the Birthing Center of the Lakeshore General Hospital.


Global’s Andrea Howick with Carolyn Flower

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Story by Kathryn Greenaway, Montreal Gazette

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Birthing Books and Birthing Babies? What’s the Connection?

The AUTHOR FEST FUNDRAISER on October 5, 2019, is an event to celebrate Writers, Authors and Publishing and supports Babies and Families too. In my world, Birthing Books and Birthing Babies are connected in a few key ways. 

My profession is book publishing and storytelling and as an international author success coach, I offer guidance and support to aspiring author clients who want to share their stories with the world by birthing their books. Families create new chapters in their family’s lives when they welcome new children to their world. Each is a very personal experience that requires courage and vulnerability and a bit of the fear factor sprinkled in for good measure. Books and children inspire us and others, with wonder and joy. Each experience changes your life forever and asks us each to step up into new roles in society.  I am passionate about family and books – birthing babies and birthing books. 

My firstborn at the Lakeshore in May 1991

It is my hope this inspirational, innovative and creative fundraising event allows me to bring the best to the Lakeshore Hospital, while supporting the best in literary excellence.  It’s my absolute pleasure to create a fundraising event to shine the light on one to support the life-changing work of another. 

Birthing Books

When creating a new book, my signature Pathways to Publishing 5-Process Method emcompasses five key elements for a successful and smooth writing and publishing process. 

  1. COMMIT to making the decision to make it a reality. 
  2. WRITE with inspiration, discipline and determination. 
  3. DESIGN your forthcoming book by editing and stylizing the interior and world class exterior. 
  4. PROMOTE the book before you publish it to let the world know the birthing time is just around the corner!  
  5. PUBLISH the work of art that is your baby, and let the world welcome it and learn from your words, wisdom and expertise. 

Birthing Babies

The birth of a child is a life-changing event, and as such, having a positive, worry-free, and nurturing experience during the actual birthing process makes all the difference. 

At the Lakeshore General Hospital, the Birthing Center provides just that with THEIR five key areas of focus for a memorable birthing experience.

  1. A FAMILY INVOLVEMENT is encouraged and welcomed in the bigger space offered.
  2. A PROFESSIONAL, non-invasive, yet SUPPORTIVE staff provides a pleasant ENVIRONMENT.
  3. SUPPORTING a mother’s SOCIAL NEEDS by involving families in the birthing process..
  4. Meeting EMOTIONAL NEEDS with family involvement. 
  5. A mother’s SPIRITUAL NEEDS are attended to, thus creating an unforgettably comfortable and heartwarming experience!


Equipment required in 2019/2020

  • 24 reclining chairs: these chairs offer increased comfort for partners/family members who play an active role in the process and support the mother in every way possible.
  • 3 mobile breast milk pumps on carts: the addition of 3 breast milk pumps will allow the obstetrics department to meet the increasing demands and will contribute to increasing milk production and thus increase the rates of successful breastfeeding.
  • 2 bili blankets: these blankets allow the newborn to keep skin-to-skin contact with its mother during treatment, increasing the connection between parent and newborn while also providing heat and comfort.
  • An inclusive and comforting resting area: adding a refrigerator in the resting area will allow families of various cultures to bring their own meals, juice, etc. Adding a sofa will also give the family and visitors a comforting meeting space, outside of the post- partum rooms.

The Lakeshore General Hospital most recent renovations: 2012

Currently, there are 10 large, private birthing rooms, each with a private (wheelchair accessible) bathroom, where the full labour and delivery process takes place. The renovated Post-Partum wing features 15 private recovery rooms with private bathrooms, a new pharmacy, and – the true highlight – a climate-controlled, secure, brand-new nursery.

Keynote Speakers


Award Winning Communications Specialist and Broadcast Host

“From Victim to Victor - Turning Obstacles into Opportunities”


Journalist, former Montreal Gazette Theatre and Book Critic

“The Future of Journalism”


Writer, Poet, Copywriter, Broadcaster, Voice Artist, Dad



President of W&W Beverages Inc., Hockey Coach, Dad

“Dad of Tampa Bay Lightning Prospect Daniel Walcott SCORES on Dragon’s Den”

Special Guest Artist

Hey Montreal friends! Especially those interested in writing and publishing. I have a cool event for you! The Author Fest Fundraiser on October 5th at the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club! I will be painting LIVE throughout the day with proceeds going to support the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation and the Birthing Centre at the Lakeshore General Hospital. Join this outstanding group of Keynote Speakers, renowned and celebrated Artist Eric Waugh (That's me!), Featured Authors Talks, Featured Authors and the entire Oxygen Publishing House team of experts to answer all your questions about writing and publishing your book. Everyone involved, local and international are ALL DONATING their time and talent to support the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation and the Birthing Centre at the Lakeshore General Hospital. BRING YOUR KIDS! KIDS CORNER with Jenny Q. Kuspira and Charlene Renaud to inspire and educate! FREE MANUSCRIPT ASSESSMENT Micro-reviewed by a professional editing team (English & Français) Raffle Prizes, Silent Auction DONATE & DETAILS: Hope to see you there!

Posted by Eric Waugh on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Eric Waugh

ERIC WAUGH, from Montreal, Canada, is one of the most recognizable and collected artists of original fine art among both private and corporate collectors. Waugh is also the Guinness Book of World Records holder for “Hero” the world’s largest painting on canvas (41,400 square feet) by a single artist, which Waugh created to benefit children in need.

Eric Waugh is one of the most recognizable and collected artists throughout North America selling more than over 45,000 original works World Wide in the past 27 years. Self-taught in every artistic aspect.

Eric Waugh is committed to making a difference...

Overwhelmed by his increasing popularity and the consistently growing appreciation of his artwork, Eric has always felt the need to give something back. As a father of three sons, Alex, Andrew and Matthew, Eric chooses to contribute to causes that are close to his heart: children.

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