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Meet Carolyn Flower

Expert in Author Development, Success Strategies, PR & Promotion


Carolyn combines literary and promotional expertise with personal growth principles and strategies into her 27-year creative entrepreneurial practice.  For many years, her business focused primarily on promotion and publicity to bring the stories of her clients to life.  After publishing her first book, she became aware of a gap in the literary marketplace. There was a need for clarity, trust, guidance and professionalism when it came to the evolution of an individual’s story. To mind this gap and help navigate the publishing journey of aspiring authors around the world, she created the Pathways to Publishing Academy © for Author Development. This changed everything.

The Academy was created in 2015 as the publishing division of Carolyn Flower International offering value-rich personalized and structured stewardship to writers who are laser-focused on achieving their dream of becoming published authors.

Carolyn passionately builds belief in others and guides them to identify their vision, connect to its significance and unfold their talent to move boldly and confidently toward achieving their goals. Her unique mindset coaching formula teaches everyday people how to discover and leverage their own story and empowers them to tap into their unlimited creative faculties to identify their authority story and “literally” redefine their future. She teaches people how to walk in the footsteps of becoming the affluent authors they aspire to be and impact the world with their words. Carolyn loves to ignite the spark within her clients’ imagination! 


REGISTER for Webclass Wednesday LIVE! hosted weekly by Carolyn on Zoom at 8 pm EDT | 5 pm PST.


What’s YOUR story? Your vision holds the key.  Carolyn brings a fierce authenticity and a focus forward philosophy to ignite and encourage her clients and students to refocus the lens of their lives and discover their art of their possible through the faculties of Imagination, Inspiration, Motivation, Innovation, Creation and Achievement. She strives to deliver outstanding value as she serves clients around the world and inspires them through leadership, mentorship, stewardship and authorpreneurship.