Pathways to Publishing 5-Process Method

Pathways to Publishing 5-Process Method

How to write a book - the proven method

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Become an author, write your book, create your brand and business using Carolyn Flower’s signature Pathways to Publishing © 5-Process Method for Author Development ©.

Students, aspiring and emerging authors have used this development method to successfully navigate the process of shifting their mindset into action and achieving their goals by using productive disciplines and habits that have secured their desired result of becoming published authors.  If they can do it, so can you.

The Pathways to Publishing 5-Process Method for Author Development © offers value-rich personalized and structured stewardship to writers who are laser-focused on achieving their dream of becoming published authors.  Carolyn guides you through her signature methodology that groups all questions, answers and action items into these five phases of author and publishing development. 

With the support and  guidance of a team of industry professionals, aspiring authors navigate each of the five development processes: commit, write, design, promote and publish.  Results are aligned with decision, commitment, focus, discipline and inspired action. 

It’s your time to inspire with your words, wisdom, and expertise and imagination and amplify your influence in a worldly way.

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What You Will Learn

Start today! Use this Guide as your personal GPS to Author Success! Use the interactive fields to record your personal insights so you will be equipped to get in the game for your forthcoming author adventure!

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